The children (and staff) in Blue group has shown lots of interest in the tadpoles. We look at them daily to see their progress. Last week there was great excitement as one of the tadpoles had grown two back legs!

We have all helped to clean the tank regularly, collecting rainwater to use when we change the water as it can get a bit smelly! We have been feeding them cucumber and cold water fish food and they are growing really fast. This morning when we looked into the tank, we discovered some of the tadpoles now have four legs and are beginning to come to the top of the water.

We have looked on the internet and in books to learn how to care for them and explored the lifecycle of a frog.

When we explore nature we:

*Show curiosity about objects/events and people

*Use our senses to explore the world around us

*Taking a risk and engaging in new experiences

*Show high levels of energy/fascination

*Maintain a focus on an activity for a period of time

*Making links and noticing patterns in their experiences