This week as part of space week the children have been busy making rock cakes and rocket fruit kebabs.  We have explored lots of different ingredients and discussed what we needed to make a ‘cake’.  The children realised that making ‘rock cakes’ was very different to making a cupcake this was a very messy job with extremely sloppy mixture. 

There was lots of discussion around texture and appearance, some fantastic vocabulary such as sticky, sloppy, slimy as well as ‘Yak I don’t like it on my hands.’

The rock buns filled the nursery with such a delicious smell, we hope they were as delicious as they looked.

Fruit kebabs was far less messy, the children discussed cutting fruit in half to make it smaller, making a pattern and exploring the shape triangle which is fantastic for mathematical development.  Children were asked to put a strawberry followed by a marshmallow on a kebab stick then a piece of melon cut into a triangle for the rocket flames.  The kebabs looked delicious and the children certainly enjoyed them for snack.